The Most Iconic Eyewear Campaigns of All Time

The Most Iconic Eyewear Campaigns of All Time

Eyewear has always been more than just a functional accessory. Over the years, it has become a fashion statement, a symbol of style, and an extension of one’s personality. Eyewear campaigns have played a crucial role in shaping the way we perceive different styles and brands. Here, we take a look at some of the most iconic eyewear campaigns of all time.

1. Ray-Ban – “Never Hide”

Ray-Ban’s “Never Hide” campaign in 2007 created quite a stir for its bold and unconventional approach. The campaign encouraged people to embrace their individuality and not shy away from expressing themselves. It featured a series of photographs showcasing people wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses in unique and eccentric ways, challenging societal norms. The campaign not only revived Ray-Ban’s popularity but also became a cultural phenomenon.

2. Oakley – “I Am”

Oakley’s “I Am” campaign in 2000 aimed to break the mold of traditional eyewear advertisements. Instead of showcasing famous models or celebrities, Oakley highlighted everyday individuals excelling in their respective fields. The campaign celebrated their achievements while displaying how Oakley eyewear played a vital role in enhancing their performance. This approach resonated with consumers and established Oakley as a brand associated with quality, innovation, and authenticity.

3. Persol – “Call Me”

In the 1960s, Persol released its “Call Me” campaign featuring legendary actor Steve McQueen. The campaign captured the essence of McQueen’s effortlessly cool persona, showcasing him wearing Persol sunglasses while engrossed in various activities. The images resonated with a generation of fans, establishing Persol as a symbol of timeless elegance and sophistication.

4. Chanel – “Chanel N°5 Eyewear”

Chanel’s iconic “Chanel N°5 Eyewear” campaign in 2019 brought together two iconic elements of the brand: the famous Chanel N°5 fragrance and their elegant eyewear collection. The campaign featured actress and brand ambassador, Margot Robbie, clad in a black Chanel suit, holding a bottle of Chanel N°5 perfume while wearing chic sunglasses. The campaign captured the essence of Chanel’s refined and timeless style, adding a touch of glamour to the eyewear collection.

5. Prada – “Minimal Baroque”

Prada’s “Minimal Baroque” campaign in 2011 was a tribute to their bold and eccentric eyewear collection. The campaign featured model Kelly Mittendorf, surrounded by swirling baroque patterns that mirrored the shape of the eyewear frames. It was an imaginative and visually striking campaign that perfectly showcased Prada’s avant-garde approach to eyewear design.

6. Gucci – “Soul Scene”

Gucci’s “Soul Scene” campaign in 2017 was a homage to London’s vibrant and influential soul music scene of the ’60s. The campaign celebrated diversity and showcased a range of eyewear styles on models of different ethnicities, capturing the essence of inclusivity and self-expression. The campaign perfectly aligned with Gucci’s reinvention under creative director Alessandro Michele, who has embraced diversity and inclusivity in all aspects of the brand.

These iconic eyewear campaigns have not only revolutionized how we perceive eyewear but also shaped the fashion industry’s approach to advertising. With their innovative concepts, unconventional models, and unique storytelling, these campaigns have left a lasting impact on the cultural zeitgeist, etching themselves into the collective memory of fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

The Most Iconic Eyewear Campaigns of All Time
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